Doorstep car wash

Doorstep car wash

After home or work we spend most of the time travelling in the car. Keeping your car clean is of the highest priority for all of us. Washing your car periodically ensures prevention of contaminants like pollen, dirt, pollutants and salts from adhering to your car.

Many auto detailing experts recommend washing your car twice a week to prevent impurities from damaging your paint and finish.

Washing your car with household cleaning agents is not recommended as they are not made for use on a car's paint and may strip off the protective wax. Dead bugs and bird droppings need to be washed off immediately, if left for too long this may cause damage to your car's paint.

Waxing your car after a nice wash protects the surface from UV, oxidation, heat and formation of hard water deposits. It also smoothen's the surface and acts as a water repellent giving it glossy finish with a life of 40 days.

If you do not have time to clean your car yourself, JustWash offers doorstep car wash services at affordable prices. The car wash includes shampooing, interior vacuuming, dashboard dressing and tyre dressing. We also offer water-less eco friendly wash.